Picture Gallery

1. The Harbor at Duluth, MN, USA photo is currently unavailable. Therefore, we happily offer in gallery slot 1, The Lunch Box Dolly.

You can read about her adventure on our "4Kids Plus" page. You can print out the story free if you wish. 

2. Near Oberammergau, Germany

The struggle between Holmes and Harshreich over Liz Blackbar's keys took place here. Read about it in our "Previous Mystery chapters."

3. Was this Harshreich walking on the beach at Ludington, MI? The age of the subject is about right, yet isn't he taller than that? Could he be carrying elevator shoes? Still, Harshreich is known for an astonishing ability to appear to change both his height and weight on a moment's notice.  You can read about Harshreich, that evil villain, in our mysteries on this site.

4. One report alleged that Harshreich briefly stayed in this house in Holland, MI. Note the high green house room, perfect for spotting police or others who might be coming to raid the location. It offers easy access to both land and water escape routes. It would be a good place for a criminal on the run. Other reports completely reject the claim of his presence here, however brief. How is a consulting detective to know which report to accept? 



5. At right is a rainbow which was placed just beyond Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.

6. At right is the entrance to The Christopher, a small hotel or rooming house at which Holmes and Watson stayed in St. Joseph, MI. 


7. At right is a photo of a Cirrus aircraft of the type in which some reader of the Campus Mystery Series will ride simply because he or she asked for this prize on this website. Want a ride? It's yours if you qualify and are the first to ask for it.The plane comes equipped with a whole-plane parachute and a pre-programmed feature which will safely land the plane without human assistance if the pilot is unable to do so. Unique to our contest, the experienced pilot will also be the respected physician and surgeon, Dr. Stuart Sybesma.

8. A school employee snapped this photo of a Picture Nazi outside the school garage as people lined up there before dawn. It was there that this Photo Fascist was stopping innocent parents and their elementary school children with his famous line,"NO PICTURES FOR YOU!" 













9. This is not the Little Man from the Well. However, it could be his little brother. Read about the Little man from the Well on our "4Kids Plus" page.

At right is one of Holmes' many operatives examining a critical piece of evidence. Read the new adventures of Morelock Holmes and Dr. J. B. Watson on our "Mysteries" page.