Prizes and Contests

This is a high quality, low budget operation. We won't be giving away any new cars unless someone donates one. In fact we won't be giving away much at all unless someone donates something. We are thanking the Lord that some of those generous souls have donated already.

Commitments of our staff to other projects prohibits us from continuing contests at MysteriesPlus. Thank you for your understanding.


Are you a Holmes Fan?

We  offered a Holmes box fan to a Holmes fan who visited our site. This contest has now been won by Lori Green of New Richmond, WI. No more entries will be accepted. Congratulations to the winner!



Our Most Sincere Thanks to the Following Who Have Donated to This Site:


Dairy Queen, Osceola, WI

Denny"s Auto, Osceola, WI

Expressions Coffeehouse, Osceola, WI

Jones Automotive, Osceola, WI

Larsen Auto & Motorsports, Osceola, WI

MysteriesPlus Staff and Family Members

Papa Murphy's, St. Croix Falls, WI

OHS Drama Club, Osceola, WI

Dr. Stuart Sybesma, Fairview Lakes Medical Center, Wyoming, MN

Wal-Mart, New Richmond, WI


Would you like to help by donating goods or services?

Hit the "Contact Us" button and let us know what you have available.  We gratefully accept almost anything. We especially would like gift certificates or gift cards which can be easily mailed to our readers. We can also always use more skilled proofreaders.


A large number of people are required to develop what you will see at this site. Most have very happily and freely given time, information, skills, or advice of one kind or another. To all who have done so, our deepest appreciation. We will try to list all of you, but, as they say at the award show ceremonies, "I just know I have forgotten someone who was really important to this, so please forgive me." The Lord knows of your good work and will provide a reward far beyond anything we can offer.

Below are just some of those who have been so generous with their help to MysteriesPlus.

Family of MysteriesPlus staff--all kinds of on-going support and assistance

Keezer Services, Osceola WI--on-going computer, telephonic, and technical support and story ideas, San Francisco, CA and Capetown, South Africa--on-going web hosting and site building support

Library Media Specialist, Malone Elementary School, Prescott, WI--on-going computer support and great photography

Ken and Sheila Albright, Lindstrom, MN--proofreading and encouragement

Anonymous Lady on the far side of this planet--encouragement

Dr. Hans Gelderblom, University of Leiden, Netherlands--technical advice

Liz Whitchurch, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, New Richmond Campus--proofreading

Staff of Osceola Medical Center, Osceola, WI--technical advice

Officer Eric Lehman, Osceola Police Dept., Osceola, WI--technical advice and story background information

Many employees, students, and alumni of the Wisconsin Technical College System, Eau Claire, WI--content contributions