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 Some stories cannot be written yet. They are still in progress. Others would, if published, place innocent lives in danger. One such is the story you will read here. Much has been changed to protect the innocent.The real story did not take place in the Netherlands. It took place elsewhere on the same planet. You will only get the introduction tonight. More to come, if I live.

This is just another life or death struggle story. Who needs those?

She was a wonderful singer.she was beautiful . . . . Then the manuscript ends. Our lab techs. and top detectives are out now following the creek banks. If there is more of this intriguing tale in or near this city, we will find it and bring it to you. Next report this time tomorrow, same frequency. Knock three times on your radio beforebringing it into the Archive of 21st Century Mysteries. We will await you here, in the darkness.

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The Campus Mystery Series

The stories you read here come to me by email from my young friend, Dr. J. B. Watson. His teaching, research, and investigations keep him heavily occupied. In addition, it brings me great pleasure to occasionally observe his great dedication to his wife and children. Since these things leave him little time to edit the notes he gathers in his work with Morelock Holmes, he has left that task to me. Therefore, errors (typographical and otherwise) are my responsibility. If you spot any errors, please report them via our Contact Us email.

All persons and situations presented here are purely fictitious. Some characters may resemble people you know. Rest assured that the person a story character reminds you of works much harder, has much less money, is far better looking and is much more intelligent than anyone you might encounter here. Even the college which serves as the launch point for our stories is pure fantasy; a place like this could never exist in reality, could it?

Senior Editor,

Jose, the lonely bugler stood high upon a hill. Looking down he saw the town all dark and very still. The people of the city, quite old and very new, were suffering and dying. They say it was a flu. He blew his bugle loudly and the notes were very clear. They said, "Wake up! Wake up! wAKE UPup! oUR sAVIKOUR IS COMING HERE TRODAY. He's coming here! wgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggp

Jose was dead, so very dead. His blood was on the ground. Everything was quiet. You could not hear a sound. By the time I got there it had been a full night and a day. Whoeve had killed tyhe bugler, had clearly gotten away.





Chapter 9

"Mr. Left Comes To Call"

It was about 11:30 a.m. Jo DeLaring was almost ready for lunch. One more student came into view and she knew that lunch would have to be postponed a bit. Then came what was ever after known in the Student Services Department of St. Croix College of Technology as "The Moment!" If anyone could have been prepared for it, Jo was that one. She officially held a title of Support Services Technician I, but to herself she was Frontline Shock Trooper First Class. Of all the people who greeted students entering the department, she was clearly the sharpest and she was senior to all but one or two department techs. Even those two easily acknowledged that her mind and education qualified her for something far above her current station. However, with the unemployment statistics being what they were, anyone who had a job counted herself blessed. Thus Jo came to work, did her job, and waited for something better to show itself on her horizon.

The student approached the desk and sat down opposite Jo’s end of the double duty station. What she said was reported by Jo to her colleagues in the Staff Lounge. Exactly what Jo said was never clear exactly. We can only assume that she handled it with the same professional calm she always exhibited at the desk, and then the student was properly directed to someone could provide further information. Jo then said to her partner at the other side of the desk, "I’m going to lunch now. You have the conn." With that she walked out of Student Services while her colleague asked for the eighth time, "What’s the conn?" Jo assumed that anyone could look that up on the internet, so she didn’t bother to explain.

She walked calmly to the Staff Lounge. Then with wide eyes, she exploded. "She said it! She said it right to my face! She just walked into Student Services and bold as anything. She had the nerve to ask, "What major program do I have to sign up for here where I can do the least work and get the most student aid money?" Jo’s colleagues within earshot then exploded into gales of laughter. This helped Jo calm down a bit. Her blood pressure began to drop slightly. In twenty minutes it probably got back to near normal and she was ready to buy lunch and talk of other things.

Meanwhile, a few miles north of the campus on the shore of Maple Lake, Holmes and Watson were setting up twigs and small branches in the fire pit for a Friday night weenie and marshmallow roast. "So I get to see the twins tonight," exulted Holmes. "Yes," said Watson. "My wife is bringing them out for the weekend, so you shall see them tonight and for two more days if you’ll accompany us to church on Sunday." "Assuming I’m not called away for a case, it shall be my pleasure. This weekend is shaping up nicely, my favorite people and a good sermon to boot. Now let’s get down to cases. You have been maneuvering me into taking on a lecture or something on crime detection at North Star College. I have a price for that, you know," said Holmes.

"Well anything you ask, within the college budget, will surely be granted. President Hamel could hardly contain himself when I told him you were beginning to weaken on this." "My price is one the college will not have to pay, dear Watson. It can only come from you personally," said Holmes. "Anything within my budget is always yours for the asking, you know that." "My price is not to be paid in money, but in knowledge, oh learned professor. That I know you have in abundance." "I’ll be happy to share with you anything stored in my cavernous cranium. What would you like?" replied Watson with a something between a smirk and a smile.

"If you want me to teach, I want to know something of how you do it. Specifically, I want to know about your approach to teaching your course ‘Psychology of Criminal Behavior.’ I know it has long been the most popular thing at North Star. If I’m to offer a day or two as a supposed teacher, I want to learn from the master. Tell me of the theory you teach to students so they can analyze criminal cases. You’ve often referred to it, but you’ve never shared it with me." "Are you sure you want to spoil this sunny Friday with my discussion of psychological theory?" queried Watson.

"Unquestionably, Watson; spoil away." "I’ll do it, Holmes, but remember, I warned you, it can’t be brief." "I have hours between now and when the twins arrive. Teach away," said Holmes. Thus began the lesson.

Back on the campus, Jo had returned to her duty station, now more steeled than ever for whatever could come to a Frontline Shock Trooper First Class. In fact she had mentally put herself in for a field promotion to Lieutenant of Shock Troops. She did love to play with titles, even if they were never shared with anyone except in a prayer now and then.

Just outside the large window that separated Student Services from a large public lounge area, Jeremy Leftkowitz, a.k.a. "Mr. Left," was passing by. He glanced in and saw Jo. Then he took one of the comfortable seats facing away from the window to contemplate. He thought of the words of his favorite fictitious gentleman’s gentleman," . . . the woman of queenly figure is frequently more susceptible to delicate attentions than the giddy and thoughtless young beauty." Susceptible females were a specialty with Mr. Left. He sought them with the skill of a master hunter. He knew his targets and seldom did he fail to get his woman. The results were never fatal, but many a young and not so young woman had thought that death might be preferable to the broken heart he always left in his wake. Besides, this target still qualified as young, a definite point in her favor.

He entered the office and sat in the vacant chair opposite Jo. Hello, I’m Jeremy Leftkowitz. I’m teaching a real estate group this afternoon in the conference center next door. I was wondering if you would be able to provide me with a roster of those who have signed up for the class." "I’m sorry, that would come from Continuing Education. The associate for that department has probably already left the roster at the podium in your room," replied Jo. "All the worse," replied Mr. Left. "Then I shall have to find another excuse to return to bask in the glow of your charms. I’ll work on that. By the way, lots of people have trouble with Leftkowitz, so my friends call me Mr. Left. I hope you’ll use that or Jeremy when I return." "First names are the standard around here, Jeremy. However, I’m sure the Continuing Education Office can supply whatever you need if it isn’t on the podium already. Good day," said Jo. "Oh, I doubt that any other office could supply what I seek," said Mr. Left as he lived up to his name, for the moment.

"He’s a smooth one," said Jo to her colleague at the large desk. "Smooth, he’s positively oily. He’s got his eye on you, girl. Keep your guard up," said Mrs. Jones. Elyse Jones had several years, children and stepchildren on Jo, but few students coming to the desk could tell that at first glance. "Your cautionary words are duly noted, Mother," said Jo. "Still he is a handsome one."

Holmes was leaning back comfortably in his Adirondack overlooking the lake while, Professor Watson explained. "I generally start the class with the Neo-Freudian concepts of Transactional Analysis. They are simple, easy to remember and provide something of a foundation for the analysis of criminal behavior. However, like everything Freudian, they have significant weaknesses, especially for students at a Christian college." "I knew you couldn’t leave Freud enough alone," smiled Holmes. "What are the weaknesses?"

"First a summary of the T.A. theory," said Watson. "It breaks the personality into five pieces, Critical Parent, Nurturing Parent, Adult, Natural Child, and Adapted Child. The Adult tries to keep peace between all the segments. The big problem for Biblical analysis comes in the general assumption that only the extremes of each segment, especially the Adapted Child, are problematic. The Adapted Child is formed by the child’s inadequate attempts to cope with the behavior of those around him. He can’t cope, so he cries, pouts, strikes out, and later may turn to crime. The Bible, however, makes clear that our basic nature is evil. Therefore, the term ‘Natural Child’ for the good in us is eliminated. ‘We are by nature sinful and unclean,’ according to Scripture. Our very best offering to God is as filthy rags. That’s why we need something far better than our Adult or internal Nurturing Parent. We need a Savior."

Watson noticed a slight glaze entering the eyes of his ‘pupil’. "I think your boat may be filling fast, Holmes. Perhaps we should pause now and continue later. There are other significant problems with T.A. that you need to know about before you can use it as a launching point to develop a better, Biblical system for analysis of criminal behavior." "Yes, you are right, professor. I think I do need to come up for air now. I would welcome a recess." said Holmes. "I second the motion," replied Watson. "In fact, why don’t we declare the class over for today and do some fishing?" "Excellent, but I reserve the right to come to the professor’s office with questions at a later time," said Holmes.

On campus, Mr. Left did find an excuse to return to "bask in the glow" of Jo many times over the next few weeks. Despite the cautions of her real mother and her "office mother," Jo began to think that maybe Mr. Left was her "Mr. Right." Even a bright young woman can find her judgment clouded by the emotions excited by the expert hand of a Mr. Left. Increasingly Jo began to give Elyse the conn while she stepped out to phone Jeremy, her con.

About eight weeks after their initial meeting, Jo happily visited her parents to show off the sparkling new decoration on her ring finger. "We’ve set the date for two weeks before Christmas!" she said with moist eyes. Her mother could only hug her with equally moist orbs. Her father shook his head and walked away. He had never met the man, but he definitely didn’t like what he had heard about him from Jo. He also didn’t like the speed with which the relationship had advanced. However, he knew his Josephine. He knew that she had insisted that everyone call her Jo since their disagreement on that issue back when she was eleven years old. He also knew that speaking his mind in opposition to something she so strongly wanted as this man would only make her more determined, so he kept his own counsel. He prayed that somehow the marriage would never take place and that Jo would see the light without too much heart break.

{Did the marriage take place? Did Mr. Left have a successful culmination to another hunt? Find out next month in "Holmes Goes Hunting" or "Mr. Left Takes a Powder." Warning: this episode could be explosive!}